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We are world-leading innovators in OEM vacuum pumps & compressors.

Through strategic OEM partnerships in the majority of industrialized countries, we supply the premier brands in the medical, automotive, beverage, environmental, industrial and laboratory sectors.

We export our products around the world, including to the USA, Europe, Japan and most of Asia.


Rocking Piston - ZWS100

A skeletal unit used for a nebuliser or sampling duty where the product will be an integral part of the device.


Rocking Piston - ZWS170

A skeletal unit used for a nebuliser or sampling duty where the product will be an integral part of the device.


Rocking Piston - ZWS250

Single head version of the ZW250, ideal for small laboratory applications.


Rocking Piston - ZW90

Our most compact twin-headed vacuum piston. Very versatile and quiet, and ideal for portable mains driven devices.


Rocking Piston - ZW100

With multiple motor options, including split capacitor, shaded pole and DC variants, this model is particularly versatile.


Rocking Piston - ZW250

One of the original GSE models used on vacuum and pressure duties in many applications.


Rocking Piston - ZW280

The most popular model manufactured by GSE with over 100,000 units shipped per year, mostly for export to Europe and the US.


Rocking Piston - ZW370

A 'drop-in' for a number of US made compressors and one of the quietest compressors of its size on the market.


Rocking Piston - ZW400

With excellent noise characteristics, this product can be used as a 'drop-in' to some other makes of vacuum pumps and compressors.


Rocking Piston - ZW400D2

Excellent flow rate for its dimensions and weight. A proper "OEM" model that can be used as a foundation for significant modification for an application.


Rocking Piston - ZW500

A high pressure version which can reach in excess of 7 bar (gauge) is available. The vacuum version can also generate 3 bar simultaneously.


Rocking Piston - ZW500A

A European version of our new high pressure 2 stage rocking piston compressor. This "OEM" compressor is ideal for use on gas generation applications where a compact and light unit is required.


Rocking Piston - ZW700

A high pressure unit that can be used on tank systems as well as in laboratories on 'rough' vacuum duties.


Tanksets - Tanksets

Compact, lightweight and quiet Tanksets for use in beverage, medical and laboratory applications using the continuously rated GSE OEM compressor and vacuum pump range.

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