Fuel Cell Technology

GSE formed a separate company in 2010, GGNET (Guangdong Guangshun New Energy Technology), to partner in a Chinese-government-sponsored technology initiative with Shanghai Automotive (SAIC). Together, we’re developing fuel-cell pump technologies and associated peripherals for automobiles. To date we have supplied SAIC with 500 test units, which will be used to boost the efficiency of the fuel-cell conversion process.

Why fuel cells?

Fuel cells represent a vital development towards clean and sustainable energy sources. They generate pollution-free electrical power, quietly and efficiently, and (unlike sources powered by fossil fuels) the only by-products are water and heat. When it comes to performance versus range, fuel-cell-powered cars offer the best results; only the infrastructure required to recharge the vehicle with the hydrogen limits the potential of this solution – for now.

Multiple components

Thanks to its in-depth pump and compressor expertise, GGNET can produce the majority of the pumps required in an automotive fuel cell. GGNET can manufacture gas compressors, water pumps, a hydrogen recycler, and a cooling pump for the latest test vehicles.

Our lead partner

Our senior technical partner is Shanghai Automotive Industry Automation (SAIC), which is at the forefront of fuel-cell design for light vehicles in China. Working with the teams from SAIC has enabled GGNET to target the particular application needs and fully understand the limitations of pump design in this environment. SAIC was attracted to GSE because we’re a pure OEM compressor and vacuum-pump company; we’ve been in the business for many years and have the depth of knowledge they knew they would need.

Size & scope

This is a major program for GGNET. The team of 65 engineers has had 71 patents ratified by the Chinese government, including 10 inventive patents. GGNET has a commitment to provide pump solutions to one of the alternative fuel options being considered by the Chinese government (detailed in their twelfth 5-year plan).

Precision production

We have invested in very expensive, world-class Japanese machining tools, including 5-axis/multi-axis machining centres from Moire Seiki which flexibly adapt to different work piece types and production volumes. Our Moire Seiki NV and NT series enable us to machine the very intricate impellers needed for the new generation of fuel-cell blower compressors. These machine tools also enable us to produce special samples for other OEM applications without having to ‘soft’ tool.

Acquiring the technology

GSE recently acquired United Power Technology (UPT), a leader in the production of advanced scroll-type compressors for the automotive air-conditioning market. This technology fits perfectly with the needs of a fuel-cell compressor and its components. UPT is already supplying directly to automotive OEMs in China.

Want to know more?

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