Local Sampling

Providing a sample for your new application quickly and efficiently is probably one of the most important things your OEM supplier can do for you. Our experience of many years tells us this is true.

Faster, more efficient route to market

By producing samples quickly and which are close to your final specification, we can help you to save resources like time and money while getting to a satisfactory solution sooner. And that can be a real advantage in this competitive business environment as companies bring out new versions of products.

Closer to ‘right first time’

We know you need us to deliver a first sample that’s as close as possible to the specification. And we can do that; this sort of performance takes years of experience and a solid understand of OEM requirements in this field.

The advantages of standard products

We also know that to be able to supply a fairly standard product can have distinct advantages, and we have a large range to choose from. Chances are, we’ll have something fairly close to what you need, requiring very little modification. And to do that customization, we offer all the advantages of qualified engineering staff who can modify products both in Hong Kong and the US.

Want to know more?

Talk to us today about your application requirements. Call us on one of the numbers below or email us at info@gseint.com.

USA (Wisconsin) +1 (920) 234 5113

Hong Kong +852 2635 2285

Mexico +52 1 (442) 343 3172

China +86 147 1548 4260

The benefits of working with GSE

  • Outstanding innovation
  • Extensive expertise & experience
  • Faster route to market
  • More efficient sampling process
  • Cost-effective engineering
  • Highly consistent precision manufacturing
  • ‘Drop-in’ replacements make it easy to switch to GSE


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